Digital Products or Infoproducts

Maybe at some point you have heard or read about digital products or perhaps infoproducts, if you have any questions or want to know what it is, then we give you a brief explanation.

Digital products are those that are not physical, that can only be obtained, sold and used through the internet and through a digital device such as computers, smart phones, tablets, smart TV and so on.

These products are often called Infoproducts, in case they provide information that someone else wants to know or needs to know, an example of these are ebooks.

It should be noted that these products can be downloadable, that is you can download them directly to your digital device and others that can be used online.

Among the types of digital products or infoproduct found:

  • Ebooks: such as health ebook, how to earn money ebook, self-help ebook and more.
  • Software: writing software, graphic software, financial software among others
  • Videos: downloadable video courses and courses with online access, promotional videos, movies, soap operas, among others
  • Audios : audiobooks, music, among others
  • Photos: landscape photos, nature photos, food photos, photos of people, etc.
  • Games: adventure games, educational games, games for children and more.
  • And much more digital products

As you can see there are several types of digital products that you can use and sell online.

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